Feb 1 2010

Do B2B Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Apple’s iPad?

by Andrew DiFiore


The short answer is yes… but no more than any other new device from a company with the clout and financial resources to recruit developers and drive marketing. Last Thursday, Steve Jobs announced the iPad — a 9.7″ (IPS) touch-screen tablet with Wi-Fi access.

Apple’s iPad interface is as sleek as the iPhone but with an eye on providing a better user experience on the Web despite not supporting Flash  (apparently there is a “war” between Apple and Adobe). The iPad takes the iPhone/iPod platform to the next level (except there is no camera) and may breath new life into the publishing industry (see Sports Illustrated’s demo pre-announcement), directly competing against Amazon’s Kindle.

There has been enough said about the pros and cons of Apple’s new device (see Steve Woods’ post on Digital Body Language) so I won’t regurgitate them again here other then to say adoption by the B2B community will be similar to that of the iPhone. Most business users still prefer Blackberry for its physical keyboard and cross-platform integration with their desktop applications. This may change over the next 12 months depending on where app developers focus their talents.

iPad price tag ranges from $499 to $830 depending on memory and is due out in April.