Nov 20 2010

A World of Tweets

by Andrew DiFiore

A World of Tweets shows real-time tweets from around the world in visually appealing heatmap. The more tweets, the “hotter” the area appears. You can even view the map in 3D Stereo (red/blue paper lens glasses not included).

Developed by Carlo Zapponi and Andreas Markdalen at frog design (Milan) using HTML5. The geolocation data is made possible by the Twitter Streaming API and the Yahoo! Placemaker service.

Nov 19 2010

Twitter Analytics Revealed

by Andrew DiFiore

We have been anticipating the release of Twitter Analytics since the company acquired Smallthought Systems (makers of Dabble DB and Trendly) back in June. Now it appears that Twitter has started inviting a select group of users to test their new Twitter Analytics dashboard.

It is unclear exactly when the rest of us will have access but Evan Williams and gang have hinted at sometime this year. I use a combination of tools such as TweetDeck, SocialOomph, TweetGrader, TweetStats, and Klout, to manage and measure my clients’ Twitter accounts so it will be interesting to see how these tools fair against the source.

Along with Promoted Tweets, this was the logical next step and may prove to be a real money maker for Twitter.

Aug 12 2010

Tweet Button, Finally!

by Andrew DiFiore

Yes, you read it right, Twitter finally created their own Tweet Button which lets you share links from the page you’re on. No more cutting and pasting URLs to be shortened on or

If you’re concern how this is going to affect the very popular Retweet Button from TweetMeme, don’t worry too much as the two companies apparently have worked out a nice arrangement.

To learn more, watch the video below and then get your own Tweet Button.

Aug 2 2010

Why join LinkedIn?

by Andrew DiFiore

Jul 5 2010

Using Online Marketing for Business Growth

by Andrew DiFiore

According to a recent survey by The NY Enterprise Report 71% of their readers are using social media to increase business with 41% blogging regularly.

Of the social networking sites, 60% find LinkedIn to be the most effective for increasing business, followed by a Facebook at 31%.

Of the variety of online marketing venues, e-newsletters top the list with 76% saying they are Very Effective or Somewhat Effective.

One insight noted by publisher Robert Levin is the surprising number of small businesses that do not have websites but are still participating in social media. This may just be a reflection of the type of businesses that make up the Report’s readership but more likely has to do with a misunderstanding on how to best leverage social media to drive business.

Have you ever had a salesman come to the door trying to sell power washing or gutter guards? They give their pitch but when asked for a business card they don’t have one. It is like that.

Every business should have a website even if it is just to be listed on Google.

Think of it this way: Participating in a social community is like attending a cocktail party. Having guests visit your website is like hosting a cocktail party.