May 10 2010

Groupable: Virtual Yente for Groups and Corporate Sponsors

by Andrew DiFiore

Imagine an online service that matches groups with corporate sponsorships (and vice versa). Enter Groupable: a social network of self-organized, grass-roots entities looking for corporate sponsorship, and corporations looking to reach potential audiences.

Groupable recognizes your hiking or cooking group has greater power to set trends and to influence others than that of its individual members. The service uses its own proprietary algorithm to calculate a Groupability Index, an influence rating that takes into account Groupable’s sponsorship activity data as well as activity from a variety of social media data points such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Klout, blogs, and podcasts. The index rating is calculated based upon aggregate scores in the following categories: authenticity, engagement, and relevance. This enables sponsors to zero in on the demographics that will produce the greatest return on investment (ROI).


Groupable’s strength lies in its ability to aggregate similar interest groups into marketing packages. Best suited to established organizations that might be seeking sponsors. This works well in the real world (e.g. uniforms for little league team) as much as online (e.g. sweeps prize for popular mommy blog).

“It’s about knowing which groups to engage with so as to maximize word-of-mouth equity,” says Groupable CMO Michael Klausner. “The Groupability Index provides marketers with a single reference point that captures a group’s ultimate influence potential.”