Mar 30 2011

Google’s +1 Button on Search Results

by Andrew DiFiore

We’ve been waiting for this to come along, Google’s answer to Facebook’s Like button but for search results pages. You will now start to see a tiny +1 icon next to the title of¬†orgainic and paid (AdWords) search listings. Currently, it appears next to the Favorite star but this is expected to go away soon. The idea of this nifty little gadget is make search more social, allowing users to effectively vote up (recommend) their “favorite” listings. Okay, let’s see how long it takes the search scammers to spoof this one.

Sep 18 2009

Google Makes Good on New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

by Andrew DiFiore

Google has offered display ads for a while but it had yet to truly leverage its much-touted acquisition of DoubleClick some 18 months ago, that is, until today with the arrival of its automated Ad Exchange, combining the strengths of Google’s search-engine auction system (AdWords) with the display ad management of DoubleClick. You can read all about it in The New York Times.

This dovetails nicely with Google’s new Display Ad Builder which it announced last month.

It will be interesting to watch this as online display ads have yet to prove to be as popular as textual ads. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online search advertising sales in the United States totaled $10.5 billion last year while display ads totaled $7.6 billion. The other side of this coin is that ad spend in general is being diverted to other forms of online marketing, namely Social Media, which is some cases yields higher returns with the benefit of having ongoing relationships with customers.