The B2B Marketing Posse provides the highest level of marketing knowledge and experience integrated across all aspects of marketing.  We are five “seasoned” experts, each with corporate, small business, and new venture management experience. We provide unique solutions that clients don’t think of, based on our objective professionalism, innovative approaches, and knowledge of what most clients don’t know they don’t know.  Our value for your business results always exceeds the cost.

As a team, we defy most agency and consulting practices by providing the appropriate client-needed resources to over-deliver results without corporate policies, junior-level participants, and costly overhead.  With B2B Marketing Posse you get No Rules, Just Results!

Business Jumpstart
A breakthrough ideation session bringing together the Posse and client team, this program generates solutions that can lead to immediate or near-term results. The deliverables are two solutions and an execution plan with client-actionable steps.

Business Accelerator
Several strategic, solutions-driven sessions with the Posse and client team focus on a critical business/marketing issue or opportunity that requires in-depth attention and may have broad implications within the organization or marketplace. The deliverables are a strategic marketing plan and a roadmap for client implementation.

Leveraging the strategic and execution-oriented resources of the Posse, this program accelerates clients’ marketing and business results through the Partners performing a range of marketing services. The services serve to augment clients’ in-house resources and enable rapidly implemented solutions with measurable ROI.

All Hands On Deck
An all-in solution, the Posse acts as the client’s outsourced marketing SWAT team. With agreement on strategic goals and objectives, Posse Partners execute all marketing and/or business development activities on an ongoing basis to achieve clients’ near to long-term business goals.