Feb 2 2011

InMaps – Visualize Your LinkedIn Connections

by Andrew DiFiore

InMaps is a cool tool from LinkedIn that allows you to visualize all your connections in your network. Watch the video and then try it yourself at LinkedIn Labs.

Jan 5 2011

15 Most Hated Companies in America 2010

by Andrew DiFiore

24/7 Wall St. assembled the top 15 most hated companies in the US for 2010 based on the opinions of customers, employees, and stakeholder, as well as press coverage analysis. Not surprising BP and AT&T made the list. Read the entire story here.

Dec 10 2010

This Week’s #FollowFriday

by Andrew DiFiore

Twitter #followfriday birdIf you love stats and NYC then you should be following Crain’s New York Business to get your daily dose of metrics about The City.

#followfriday #ff #b2b #nyc B2B Marketing Posse follows: @CrainsNewYork @StatsAndTheCity

Nov 29 2010

The Growth of Mobile [VIDEO]

by Andrew DiFiore

We all know that mobile marketing is the “next big thing” and regardless of your opinion on the best way to leverage it, you can’t ignore 6.5 trillion messages. Take stock as you enjoy this stat-rich video from Sybase (SAP).

Nov 20 2010

A World of Tweets

by Andrew DiFiore

A World of Tweets shows real-time tweets from around the world in visually appealing heatmap. The more tweets, the “hotter” the area appears. You can even view the map in 3D Stereo (red/blue paper lens glasses not included).

Developed by Carlo Zapponi and Andreas Markdalen at frog design (Milan) using HTML5. The geolocation data is made possible by the Twitter Streaming API and the Yahoo! Placemaker service.